French Books USA: Week in Review

September 28, 2016 | By Jeremy Albet

French Comics Framed Festival in NYC

“French Comics Framed” started this Monday! The month-long festival includes an exhibition showcasing the best of Franco-Belgian comics at the Foundation Building of The Cooper Union, with more than 80 images. 18 Francophone illustrators visit the US, including Olivier Balez, Catherine Meurisse, Pénélope Bagieu and Nicolas Otero. Along with the exhibit, which will stay up until November 5th, more events will be going on all around New York in partnership with the French Comics Association. The full schedule is available here

Upcoming translation books by Francophone Women

Book Culture released a list of exciting upcoming books by women in translation to be released before the end of the year. Among the list figures Eve Out of Her Ruins by Ananda Devi, who is on tour in the US until September 30, translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman and published by Deep Vellum Press. The list also includes La femme de Gilles by Belgian writer Madeleine Bourdouxhe, translated by Faith Evans and to be published by Melville House in November 2016, and Dance on The Volcano by Marie Vieux-Chauvet, translated by Kaiama L.Glover and to be published by Archipelago Books on December 6th 2016.

Nathalie Léger featured in the Paris Review Fall Issue

Suite for Barbara Loden, written by Nathalie Léger, is featured in the Paris Review Fall issue. The book, published in France in 2012 by P.O.L  tells the relationship between actress Barbara Loden and the character Wanda she played in the acclaimed movie she also directed. A success in France, the book was translated into English by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon and will be published in US by Dorothy, a publishing project on October 17th.

Through relentless archival research, Leger set out to get as close and intimate as she could to Barbara Loden’s life in order to bring out the Wanda within the actress. With time, came the realization that the writer, director and actress had created an image that could deeply reach out to and connect with women of all generations. The result is a striking tale that borders biography and fiction, facts and speculation, cinematic criticism and imagination.

Sarah Kaminsky’s biography on her father Adolfo Kaminsky’s incredible life story

This week the first English edition of Sarah Kaminksy’s best-seller Adolfo Kaminsky - A Forger’s Life comes out in bookstores, brought to us by Doppel House Press. The book, which has been translated in seven languages, tells the story of her father, an expert in forgery who used his skills to serve the French Resistance during World War II and save Jewish families, but also the Algerian Independence Movement, and many other clandestine organizations through decades. A strong advocate for freedom, he continued to secretly forge documents for thousands of refugees, exiles, immigrants, and pacifists. Remaining in secrecy for most of his life, his daughter Sarah Kaminsky, who will be on tour this December to promote her book, convinced him to tell his story.

Gilles Carpentier passes away at the Age of 66

Writer, Journalist and Editor Gilles Carpentier passed away on September 19th at the age of 66. A journalist for the French Journal Rouge, Gilles published articles on the free jazz movement developed in the 1950s and 60s. He then moved on to become an editor for the French publishing house Éditions du Seuil working alongside notorious African and Francophone writers such as Ahmadou Kourouma, Sony Labou Tansi, Tierno Monénembo as well as French acclaimed writer Aimé Césaire.  Gilles Carpentier also wrote six novels in his career (five of them were published at Éditions du Seuil), winning the Prix Fénéon for his first book Les Manuscrits de la marmotte and publishing his last one in 2002 Les Bienveillantes, at Éditions Stock.