Written by Blexbolex
by Blexbolex
Enchanted Lion Books, 2011

PEOPLE is a continued exploration of the world by the artist Blexbolex who brought us the stunning Seasons

In his signature style Blexbolex meditates on mothers and fathers, dancers and warriors, gardeners and farmers, hypnotists and genies...

All sorts of people are pictured here, linked in ways that begin to emerge page after page. Whether real, mythic or imaginary, all inhabit an extraordinary gorgeously rendered world.

People is a joy to hold and thumb through, a book to come back to time and again.

Enchanted Lion Books

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Comics and Narration

This book is the follow-up to Thierry Groensteen's ground-breaking The System of Comics, in which the leading French-language comics theorist set out to investigate how the medium functions. He now develops that analysis further, using examples from a very wide range of comics, including the work of American artists such as Chris Ware and Robert Crumb.
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The Bureau of Misplaced Dads

This funny and heartwarming picture book covers a subject every child can relate to — the fear of getting separated from a parent. However, in Éric Veillé's original story, the roles are reversed and the child is the one searching, while the dads are all “lost” and waiting to be picked up. The illustrations by Pauline Martin highlight quirky details of the fathers, bringing a light touch to the subject.
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The Conductor and Other Tales

First published in French in 1950 in a limited edition of 100 copies, then republished in 1953 (and enthusiastically praised by André Breton), The Conductor and Other Tales is Jean Ferry's only published book of fiction. It is a collection of short prose narratives that offer a blend of pataphysical humor and surreal nightmare.