Gus is a Fish

Written by Claire Babin | Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
Gus is a Fish
by Claire Babin
Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
(Enchanted Lion, 2008)

Gus the dreamer is having a bath. When he puts his head under water to practice his swimming, he begins to imagine that he is a fish. Suddenly he discovers a fascinating aquatic world that is friendly and a little bit threatening. Gus is amazed by the richness of his imaginary pond, where he comes upon tadpoles, catfish, frogs, dragonflies, water lilies, reeds and willow branches. During his adventure he befriends a duckling and swiftly avoids being attacked by a pike. Brought back to reality by his mom when he is told that it’s time to scrub up, Gus returns from the excitement of his adventures to the security of his mom’s smiling face.

Through a combination of original illustrations and photographs, each page pulls the reader into Gus’s vibrant world. Following the story there are several pages of thumbnail photos that provide many details about the fish and plants that Gus encountered.


“Would that every child have as wonderful an imagination as Gus, who in the meantime can serve as their role model.” – Kirkus

“Tallec’s depiction of this underwater world is breathtaking; he seamlessly integrates photographs of reeds, water lilies, frogs, and ducks with his original artwork. Each page has depth, light, color, and density.” – School Library Journal

"Three Stars - Outstanding. This book is cool. Read and imagine being a fish and discover a new world. I love the artwork and at the end there is a picture glossary to help your kiddo learn new words and their meanings." - Lisa Barker,

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