"Worlds" published in English.
GILLES CLAVEL'S new book is published this month, in French and English simultaneously.
It is a collection of two short stories and a novel, where love and time contend with each other.
Gilles wrote these texts in French, in Long Beach (California). He wanted the book to appear at the same time in both languages in tribute to this open andendearing country, America, where he has been living since 2007. The English version is edited by Gregory C. Richter, professor of Linguistics at Truman State University (Missouri).

Short stories and a novel that explore the paths of life.
Life is Somewhere Else 
(short story, 9 pages) 
Sabina would like to change the world, but at what price?
Love – or Loves? 
(short story, 13 pages) 
In the evening of his life, Brian remembers his passions.
He has deeply loved, but has not always known how to express it.
From one World to Another 
(novel, 163 pages) 
Every moment of love transports us somewhere.
And sometimes these voyages open the doors to unimagined universes.
Karen, and then Mark, will discover this mystery — each in turn. Together they will build a love that will defy the limits of our world.

From the shortest to the longest, the stories and chronicles that make up this collection concern the paths of life.
                     -Gilles Clavel

About Gilles Clavel:
Gilles Clavel has lived in Europe, Africa, and North America.
He has worked as an engineer, a professor, and an entrepreneur.
From 1981 up to now, he has published several books in France in various fields (computer
science, children’s’ books, short stories, and novels).
Visit his website fro more information here.
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