The French Embassy offers financial aid to American institutions universities, libraries, bookstores, publishing houses, and other venues across the United States wishing to host French authors for readings, signings, and symposia. The authors listed below are currently available for booking. Priority will be given to institutions which submit a detailed project for an American audience, especially events with wide visibility such as bookfairs and multidisciplinary festivals. Preference will also be given to panels involving International or American writers or events organized in conjunction with an exhibition or other special program. If you would like to invite one of these authors to your institution, please read the application procedures.

Pap Ndiaye

November 4-13, 2016
East Coast

Pap Ndiaye is a historian, specializing in the social history of the United States with a focus on its minorities. He holds a doctorate from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) where he was a lecturer before being selected in 2012 as Professor at the Institut d' Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). He is a member of the Center for North American Studies and of the editorial board of the journal History


Antoine Volodine

October 11-18, 2016
West Coast

Antoine Volodine is the principal pseudonym of a French novelist, born in 1950 in Chalon-sur-Saône and raised in Lyon, who has published twenty books under this name, several of which are available in English translation. After studying literature, Volodine taught Russian for 15 years, and has devoted himself to writing and translating since 1987. He began publishing novels as part of a science-fiction series at Éditions Denoël, meanwhile declaring that his books were not science-fiction.


Gisèle Pineau

November 6-21, 2016
Miami Book Fair; Southeast
Gisèle Pineau has written several books on the difficulties of growing up as a black person in France. With her novel "La Grande dérive des esprits" (1994), Pineau became the first woman to win the Carbet de la Caraïbe Prize, while also winning the Grand Prix des Lectrices from ELLE magazine. Gisèle Pineau is also a jury member of the Prix Tropique and the Prix du Livre insulaire d'Ouessant. She received the Prix des Hémisphères-Chantal Lapicque in 2002 for her novel "Chair Piment". READ MORE

Marion Bataille

January 23-February 11, 2017
US Tour

Born in 1963 in Paris, Marion Bataille is a fantastically imaginative designer and a pionneer in pop-up books. A graduate from the Ecole supérieure d'arts graphiques, she started as a freelance graphic designer and a collage illustrator, and then became the artistic director of the cultural magazine Télérama.


Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier

November 5-17, 2016
US Tour

Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier is a queer activist and theorist. He teaches cultural studies, queer and gender studies at the University of Lille.

Bourcier is a self-described "baby of French poststructuralism." He is the translator of Monique Wittig and Teresa de Lauretis and one of the first thinkers to have introduced queer theory in France. From September 2000 to June 2001, Bourcier was a visiting post-doctoral Fulbright scholar at New York University.


Vinciane Despret

October 29-November 8, 2016
US Tour
Vinciane Despret is currently Maître de conferences at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Liège, and at the Faculty of Anthropology and Social Sciences and Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education at the Free University of Brussels. Her first field work was in the Negev desert, where she explored the possibility of doing an ethology of the ethologists - similar to the anthropology of the laboratories Bruno Latour had proposed. READ MORE

Ananda Devi

September 16-30, 2016
US Tour

Ananda Devi is a novelist and scholar born in Trois-Boutiques, Mauritius in 1957. She has lived in Ferney-Voltaire, France (near Geneva) since 1989, after having spent some years in Congo-Brazzaville. As an ethnologist--she holds a doctorate in social anthropology from the University of London--and a translator, Devi is sensitive to the interconnection between identites and languages. Choosing to write in French, her novels and short stories also incorporate Creole and Hindi.


Cyril Pedrosa

September 12-18, 2016
New York, Washington DC

Born in 1972, Cyril Pedrosa was interested in comics and drawing from childhood. After studying animation at the Gobelins school, he made his way into Disney's animation studios in France, where he worked on The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules.


Zahia Rahmani

August 25-December 20, 2016
East Coast

Zahia Rahmani was born in Algeria in 1962, and now lives in Paris and the Oise region of France. In Paris, she studied literature and art history, concentrating on modern and contemporary art. After writing her masters thesis on Robert Rauschenberg, she left France to work with Léo Castelli in New York in 1988-1989. On returning to France, she continued to study aesthetics and worked in various locations important to contemporary art, such as the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, the École des Beaux Arts de Nice and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris.


Anne Simon

October 2016
US Tour

Anne Simon is a French artist and illustrator who began her illustrious career as a student at the Beaux-Arts in Angoulême and then at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2004, she received the “New Talent” prize at Angoulême's International Comics Festival.



October 31-November 16, 2016
US Tour
Kerascoët is the joint pen name of the French illustrators, comics and animation artists Marie Pommepuy (b. 1978) and Sébastien Cosset (b. 1975). They were nominated for an Eisner Award for their comic Beautiful Darkness, and for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel for Beauty. READ MORE

Lola Lafon

October-November 2016
Toronto - New York - San Francisco

Lola Lafon, with a French, Russian and Polish background, was raised in the equally diverse cities of Bucharest, Sofia and Paris. Her first love was dance, but then she turned to writing. Her first three novels were published by Flammarion. These titles were nominated for several French literary awards, and tackle several ideological themes such as capitalism, antifascism, utopia or feminism.